Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Time Has Not Forgotten

It is a wee bit embarrassing that I have failed to do anything with this blog since I created it back in November.  Fortunately, while I may not have been posting, I have certainly been crafting.  I should, therefore, have enough fodder for several posts (which I'll hopefully actually write!)

Today's craft project is brought to you by my husband's 29th birthday (which was incidentally also in November).  I was inspired by the bucket list projects and things I have seen.  I wanted to create something similar for my husband, but with a slight twist.  Instead of creating a list of things for him to do in his lifetime, I created a list for him to complete before he turns 30.  The idea behind this being that this is the last year he should do stupid twenties things (for example, staying up all night).  I also included a lot of couple-y things to do (like going to a winery and going to the theater).

30 Before 30 Challenge

Making this was really easy.  The hardest part, actually, was coming up with 30 things to put on the list!

Supplies needed:
A large, empty frame
Ribbon in fun colors/patterns
Labels (Optional)

As picture 2 shows, I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the frame.  I used several different types of ribbon to create a fun, somewhat funky look (picture 3).

After coming up with my list, I wrote each item down on a label (picture 4) and then attached it to a piece of paper (I used scrapbook paper) I glued to a clothespin.  You don't need to use labels, you can just write on the paper if you prefer...I just happened to have a ton of labels lying around.

Finally, I put each clothespin on the ribbon.  As my husband completes each thing on the list, I will take a picture and add it that clothespin.  By his next birthday, this frame should be covered with pictures!

I hope my instructions aren't too confusing.  This project was fun because it's all about individualization.

Happy Crafting!


  1. I am TOTALLY stealing this for Jocelyn and David, just with a twist. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Glad you like it, Alyssa! Let me know how yours turn out! :)